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Swim in the iconic Berg River Dam as The Bridge House Mile, sponsored by Old Mutual Wealth, returns to its traditional home.

All Covid-19 regulations will be adhered to.

As we are still in the midst of the pandemic, planning will be fluid to adhere to the rules stipulated by various lock down levels.

Communication regarding final event date details will be relayed to all participants.

We encourage all entrants to continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines even whilst training.

1 Mile

Age: 11+
Fee: R185
Includes: Goody Bag

800 M

Age: 10+
Fee: R140
Includes: Goody Bag

400 M

Age: 8+
Fee: R125
Includes: Goody Bag

200 M

Age: 7+
Fee: R125
Includes: Goody Bag

Memorial Mile

Age: 11+
Fee: R200 (A portion of funds raised goes to Watershed Animal Rescue)
Includes: Goody Bag


Got a fundraising question or need to get your own charity onboard? Get in touch with our fundraising partner, GivenGain, at

By entering any of the above races you confirm that you are able and competent to swim and that you can complete the full distances you have entered without assistance or any swimming aids. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless The Bridge House Mile, its Sponsor Old Mutual Wealth and or school, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, officers, directors, agents, contractors, service providers, subcontractors, suppliers, employees, harmless from any claim or demand arising from entering this event.


NOTE: The below regulations are protocols for the current Covid levels. These will be adhered and duely enforced for the event. Any changes to protocols or regulations will be udated below and all participants will be informed via email.

Please check your email regularly for updates!

  1. Only paid pre-entries accepted. No late entries or unpaid entries will be allowed at the start venue.
  2. Limited entries are available.
  3. Specific start times will be communicated to the swimmer per email a few days before the event. Please adhere strictly to those times.
  4. Only swimmers will be allowed at the start and finish venue – NO spectators, family or friends who do not also participate.
  5. No person will be allowed to access the race venue without a mask or buff.
  6. Practise proper social distancing at all times (up to 2m) – no physical contact between any persons, please. Always wear your mask/buff to cover both your nose and mouth at the same time, at the venue and waterpoints.
  7. Sanitisation stations will be available throughout the venue. Please look out for these and make use of them as much as possible.
  8. Swimmers must arrive at the venue 45 minutes before the start of their race. Please do not arrive too early to avoid congregating as much as possible.
  9. All swimmers entering the venue will pass by a sanitisation station and then through the Screening and Scanning area where your temperature will be taken and a questionnaire completed.
  10. Any person registering above 37.5 degrees or who does not qualify according to the basic questionnaire will not be allowed to access the venue or race.
  11. From the scanning area, swimmers may proceed directly to collect their goody bag & then to the batch holding pens and await their start.
  12. Toilet facilities will be available. Please sanitise before entering and after exiting the toilets.
  13. Coffee, soft drink and take away vendors will also be at the venue. There will be limited sit-down facilities available, as swimmers are urged to vacate the finish area as soon as possible after their swim.
  14. No alcohol will be on sale subject to the alcohol ban imposed by the government.
  15. Please vacate the finish venue at your earliest convenience to minimise the Covid-risk as much as possible.
  16. There will be no prize-giving at the finish venue after the race. All winners will be announced via social media and newsletters the following Monday.


If the event is cancelled due to Covid 19.